Greetings from Chester!

I never expected to be retiring at age 63, but that is the path that has unfolded for me. After 35 years of collegiate teaching at the College of Wooster, the University of Rochester/Eastman School and the University of Illinois, I find myself without a class waiting for me next September. I know that I am not ready to stop teaching and feel that, in every respect, I have more to offer and more passion for my craft now than at any previous time in my career. Embarking on this new phase of my life, I am and will continue to be in search of opportunities for creative interaction with students of choral conducting and literature. I trust that my professional reputation, documented in the content of this webpage, will provide ample evidence of my abilities and my commitment to teaching and making music. I invite and will entertain proposals to do what I love to do as long as I can do it at the level of excellence I have come to expect of myself. I would welcome your interest in any of the following possibilities:

  • Sabbatical Replacements
  • Lectureships
  • Conducting clinics for individuals or small groups
  • Consultation on choral repertory and performance practice
  • Commissioned works

I am always ready to explore Creative Ideas for Choral Performance, so please direct your inquiries to the addresses listed on the contact page of this site.

Chester L. Alwes

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